What do we investigate

Our local office here in Sugar Land Texas has a staff of Licensed Private Investigators and administrative staff second to none. We do Nationwide Searches for all types of Information, and also Investigations on Individuals and Businesses Nationwide.

We have a Nationwide Network of Record Retrievers that will go to a County Courthouse and do a records search and pull the records found and return them to us for evaluation, to be reported back to you. I’m guessing that it would not surprise you to know that there are people with a criminal record, and another person with the same name without a criminal record. We know to check and see which one is which.

We do Civil Searches

County Civil Upper Court
County Civil Lower Court
Federal District Court
And more…

We do Business Reports

US Businesses
US Corporations
UCC Filings
Business Phones
And more…

We do Business and Personal Asset Reports

Property Deeds
Property Assessments
And more…

We do Criminal Checks

City Criminal
County Criminal
Statewide Criminal
Nationwide Criminal
Federal Criminal
State and National Sex Offender
National Wants and Warrants
And more…

We do Verifications

Professional License
And more…

We do Reports

Personal Comprehensive
People Search – Current
People Search – Genealogical
Tenant Screening
Driving History
Social Security Trace
Skip Trace
And more…

We will be happy to give you a free, no obligation consultation and a price quote up front. Just give us a call at 281.565.0660, or send us an email MickeyM at AIB-Inc.com