Employment Screening

e4Many, many times I have had business owners come back to me and say “The applicant interviewed so well. I was shocked when you told me he had a criminal background.” Remember, not all crooks are dumb. Some are pretty smart, and most, even the dumb ones, are slick. That is why they interview so well. They have learned over time to say and do the things that can fool you just enough, that you will hire them, and then…BLAMO!

The high cost of a bad employee lingers long after they eventually leave, are fired, or are arrested. The cost to your staff can be devistating as well. A thorough review of an applicants resume followed by an interview is the first line of defense. Next comes the employment screening.

As Information Brokers, we do searches for all types of information including Criminal History, Driving History, Credit History, Verify Past Employment, Education, References, Professional License, etc. It is your opportunity to eleminate a prospective employee before they are hired and allowed to do internal damage within your company.

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